We consider your business

Depending on your business: arborist, winemaker, trader... , your needs, your ideas and your roquets remain unique. JDLO favors "tailor-made" and provides tailored answers to each of your markets and constraints.

Pressing, choice of packaging, gasification, pasteurization, dressing ... our support also involves advice to guarantee you a finished product aesthetic and tasty.


For supplier of fruit and vegetable ?

  • We press your own fruits (apples, pears, red fruits, kiwis, rhubarb, ...)
  • We can supply you with fruits or juices in addition and make original cocktails and develop your range
  • We identify your lot to guarantee you a juice prepared from your fruits
  • Imagine a wide range : still or carbonated fruit juices, single or blended fruit.
  • Decline your offer with a wide range of packaging : glass bottle, Bag In Box® or single serve cup.
  • We make alcoholic cider or sparkling drinks from your apples.

For wine grower ?

  • During grape harvest, we organize refrigerated transport to take the juice from your farm
  • Our Juice and Filtration workshop has a refrigerated storage capacity of 200,000L
  • Bottling in our workshops to guarantee the necessary hygiene and sanitary conditions
  • We provide you with a specification that allows a successful bottling and that respects the nature of your product.
  • We offer you the possibility to develop your ranges : still or carbonated fruit juices, still wines or sparkling wines, flavored or non-carbonated wines.
  • We offer you many packaging: bottles ranging from 20 cl to 1 L, Bag In Box® ...

For brewer or cider maker ?

  • We receive your product for gasification, pasteurization and bottling
  • We bottle it in various packagings: individual bottles or large formats, capsule crown, screw or mechanical stopper
  • We offer packaging in drums
  • We can offer you an additional range without ALCOHOL.

Are you an industrialist, a trader or a creator of beverages ?

  • Discover the variety of packaging we offer: bottles, Bag In Box, drums, cisterns, tanks, ...
  • We implement your product from pressed fruit in our workshops or on the basis of a recipe formulated by you
  • We have certifications and experience to accompany you on specific markets: organic, halal, kosher, export.
  • We have the status of authorized warehouse-keeper to manufacture and store alcoholic products.



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