Pressage de fruits-pressage de pommes


JDLO puts at your service an experience of more than 15 years in the manufacture of fruit juices.
We press fruit from the products of your farm in order to restore all flavors in natural fruit juices, carbonated or not.

Thanks to our fruit pressing workshop we are able to supply you products completely elaborated on our site: from pressing to bottling, you are therefore guaranteed to control your product.

70 to 85 % yield
50 ton pressed / day
Possible pressing of all fruits


Pressing apples and many other fruits

Our core business is the pressing of apples. Today, the capacity of our strip press combined with our know-how and experience makes it possible to extract juice from many fruits perfectly naturally: apples, pears, quinces, kiwis, strawberries, raspberries, Blackcurrant ... but also peach or rhubarb.

The techniques may vary depending on whether we are working from fresh, frozen fruit or puree fruit. So, if you grow grapes, stone fruits or exotic fruits, we can study your request? Contact us !

Fruit pressing : a 100% natural fruit juice

Fruit reception

The removal of your fruits can be done by palox, by carrier, or directly on our site. You can also deliver the fruit yourself. On receipt, they are calibrated, carefully washed and sorted to guarantee a pure juice of excellence.

Fruit pressing

Our workshop is equipped with a belt press which allows to extract between 70 and 85% of juice (depending on the fruits, the varieties and the maturity). Christian thus manages the speed and height of the pulp obtained to optimize the quantity of juice. Your juice is pre-filtered when arriving in our storage tanks.

Quality at the heart of the process

On receipt of the fruit, we carry out quality checks to verify that the products are compliant and will allow the manufacture of your drink in the best conditions. We record the results thus obtained as well as the different stages of production. We do not mix any batches. Our internal traceability system ensures that the juice we deliver to you is made from your own fruit.

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