Pasteurisation de jus de fruit


Pasteurization of fruit juices and other beverages is a key stage in product development. The technique of pasteurization determines the shelf life of the products but also their organoleptic qualities.

Our unique pasteurization tunnel uses a hot water shower process which allows to precisely define both the time / temperature that will suit each product.


Fruit juice with hot water shower pasteurization

Some products, including still and sparkling fruit juice, pass through our pasteurization tunnel. We use the hot water shower process which makes it possible to raise the temperature of the products in a regular, slow and homogeneous way.

This very important phase makes it possible to respect the organoleptic qualities of the beverage and to stop, if necessary, the process of fermentation of fruit juices and sparkling juice, in particular. We also use this process for ciders and certain alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages intended for export markets, for example.

Cold filling and soft pasteurization

Slow pasteurization

During the pasteurization phase, the temperature rise is slow, homogeneous and regular. A process that aims to guarantee a better restitution of the savings, a shelf life of several months and an impeccable product avoiding especially protein breakdown.

The natural product

Pasteurization makes it possible to guarantee the products without dyes, without preservatives and without added sugars. Important elements to be valued by the consumer are very sensitive to this type of commercial argument.


Hot Pasteurization


The tunnel allows to pasteurize products packaged in glass bottles. Our industrial equipment also makes it possible to package products in Bag In Box®, in drums or in cup. For this we use a hot filling process. Pasteurization takes place during packaging, thanks to a tubular exchanger. This equipment allows us to control the heating temperature and offer you modern and innovative packaging.

Measuring probes

Each product is tracked during the process of pasteurizing fruit juice and other beverages. A measuring sensor follows the production batch so that the quality department can identify any malfunctions and guarantee a finished product without defects but above all, at this stage, a product that complies with food safety requirements.

The success of the pasteurization stage of fruit juices and other beverages also depend on the preparation of juices and beverages carried out upstream.

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