From the development of recipes to the filtration stage, the preparation of beverages is essential in our bottling process. It conditions the quality of the product both visually and tastefully.

Based on your product requirements, our experience and the characteristics of our production tool, we draw up a set of specifications that will form the basis of our collaboration.

Juice in all its states

We press your fruit

After pressing in our workshops, a phase of enzymes integration and filtration of the juice is necessary in order to obtain an organoleptically and visually stable beverage. At this stage you can choose the turbidity of your juice: our preparation workshop equipped with microporous plate and tangential filters offers great flexibility depending on whether you want to obtain a more or less turbid juice.

We work from your juice

You can deliver your juice ready to bottling: it will then be stored in our refrigerated tanks (200, 000 L) and processed quickly to avoid that any fermentation starts. To support you in this process of preparation before delivery, we provide you with a specification detailing the protocol and the qualities necessary for a good bottling.


The juices can be removed on your site in refrigerated transport. For this, do not hesitate to contact us.

Recipe preparation and filtration

Flavored and / or carbonated wines, natural fruit juices or fruit drinks, sodas, lemonades, cocktails and fruit nectars ... drinks are multiple and our know-how also. The workshop prepares the products from the recipe you have imagined and developed. We have high capacity mixing tanks for feeding the bottling line.

When our experience allows, we assist you in the development of recipes: we connect you with suppliers or specialists like flavourists.

Manufacturing of cider

Cider discovers a second youth. With this in mind, we put our know-how at your disposal to develop your ranges of cider bottled: fruit pressing, seeding, stabilization, gasification and pasteurization. Ask about this new service.

A specification that commits us

Each beverage is specific. Each treatment is individualized. Beyond the specifications we establish with you, we carry out checks on receipt of juices and raw materials: temperature, turbidity, density, brix, ...

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