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Since it was created, Les Jardins de l'Orbrie is a company committed to a quality approach with its customers. Becoming JDLO, the company, through the work of its teams, is committed even more to this process of continuous improvement for the production of your beverage: JDLO quality!

The varieties of products produced in our workshops require us to master the technical and regulatory specificities for each of them. If our quality team works with you, our certifications also reflect our daily commitment.

From pressing to delivery

Our quality process extends over all the company's business. Because you must be able to guarantee your customers a good quality product, we must provide you with a safe and controlled service. Beverage production: JDLO quality!


HACCP is primarily a working method that identifies, evaluates and controls significant food safety hazards, and in this case beverages. HACCP takes into account 3 classes of hazards for food hygiene :

  1. biological hazards (viruses, bacteria ...)
  2. chemical hazards (pesticides, additives, etc.)
  3. physical hazards (wood, glass ...)


Each stage of manufacturing is controlled by our services. Internal actions required from receipt to shipment to ensure safe and healthy products. Some additional checks are carried out by independent and accredited laboratories.


Nevertheless, traceability is ensured during the manufacturing cycle of the product and throughout its lifetime. Indeed, thanks to the number that identify each production batch, our sample library allows us to go back up the whole cycle of development of your product.

In the same way, you have the guarantee, when you deliver your fruits, that these are the ones we use to make your juice.

Certifications and Approvals



All the actions implemented to provide you with a quality service have recently been validated by the IFS (International Food Standard) certification. This certification was created in order to :

  • provide consumers with healthy products
  • ensure food safety for professionals that distribute the product
  • meet the requirements of European hygiene regulations


Furthermore, the factory is authorized to manufacture products with particular characteristics. Since 2006, we have been allowed to squeeze fruit and bottle organic beverages. In the same way, we are entitled to produce Halal or Kosher beverages.

A widely recognized quality

JDLO is certified by independent organizations for its quality procedures. But JDLO is also recognized for the quality of its private label products. Indeed, the products CŒUR DE POM ', developed and marketed by JDLO have been rewarded several times for their taste and sensory qualities.

JDLO quality beverage production!

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