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The packaging of the bottle often makes all the difference to the consumer. Whether in supermarkets or on direct sales sites, the consumer is increasingly demanding and above all ... more and more in a hurry. It is therefore necessary that your product, besides being good, is beautiful and adapted to your target.

That's why we can carry out a simple service of "filled and capped" service and deliver you OEM products. We can also accompany you to the completion of the product (bottle labeling for example), or even upstream, on the creation and development of your product picture: the one who will make the difference and who will print your brand signature.

Tailor-made dressing

It is important to work carefully on the cover of your product: you know, these details will make all the difference at the time of purchase by the consumer. Because we do not bring the same level of finishing to a festive product as to a fruit juice intended for a daily consumption, we advise you not to neglect this stage which will bring all its value added to your beverage.

  • BOTTLE LABELING : label, back labels, collar, macaroon, medallion, seal of guarantee ... our labeler operates for a large number of formats and different supports. Enough to let your creativity run free.
  • CAPPING : short or long, the cap often brings additional nobility to the product. Standard or more elaborate, it can be customized according to your product.
  • CARDBOARD : the cardboard is sometimes a support for sales assistance and can therefore be worked and printed according to your own specifications. In the case of products packaged in Bag In Box®, cardboard plays an obvious commercial role. This product becomes democratic and now becomes accessible in price and volume: find out !

We support you throughout your project development

We can deliver the bottles naked, that is to say without any label. Be aware, however, that French regulations do not allow you to sell an unlabeled product. You will then have to register the bottle label yourself.

If we label your product, you have complete freedom to imagine and develop the packaging elements. We can support you on the regulations and advise you on the marketing aspects. We can work with you to design your Bag In Box® labels or carton.

Moreover, we can put you in touch with a specialized printer depending on the specificities of your labeling.

Exterior signs of Quality

The quality process is activated from the juice preparation stage, but this is at the time of packaging that it becomes concrete by indicating the batch number on each sales unit. The marking of the bottles is done by laser engraving to avoid any fraud and to compensate for the risk of erasure.

On the cartons of Bag In Box® the identification of the batches is made by indelible inkjet.

The batch number as well as the BBD are therefore the identity card of your product.

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