Fabrication de boissons


Much more than an industrial process, the production of drinks and the bottling of your ideas is the object of our attention. A relationship with you based on exchange, respect for your products and your ideas.Fruit pressing, gasification, pasteurization, bottling, labeling, we guarantee a tailor-made solution. Complete accompaniment or unique service, we study your demands with pragmatism and common sense

Beverage manufacturing involves multiple skills. We master each step for optimum results. Our role is also to bring you real added value: advice, customization of your products. Our team, with its skills and talents, listens to you, adapts the product to your market and gives you answers with a common goal: to increase your sales.

Focus on


Make a difference !

Experts of bubbles, we ensure the manufacture of drinks that follow consumption trends. The classic sparkling, flavored or natural wines evolve naturally, but bubbles have been invited for several years in fruit juices or dealcoholized wines to create a non-alcoholic product range.Gasification becomes a real added value for you.Intended for adults or children, effervescent drinks bring different sensations, sparkling or just with beading effect.

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Let’s talk about your drink ?

We accompany you and advise you to offer you the best in each area and develop with you products that match your needs:

  • technical advice for the creation of your drinks
  • practical help in the preparation of juices
  • support for the creation of labeling
  • tailor-made dressing bottles

Your calendar is ours

We know how to adapt to the seasonality, to your constraints of stock ...Our production tool allows reactivity and flexibility: at JDLO, each person guarantees compliance with your specifications as well as your schedule for making beverages.
Our production capacity: 50000
bottles per day.

A product to your image

  • Your product will be unique thanks to our diversified offer
  • 4 types of packaging
  • 40 bottle sizes
  • 5 types of capping and manufacture of several beverages




JDLO is committed to send quotations and advise as soon as possible

Tel +33(0)549 82 14 00

Monday to Friday  8:30 – 12:30 and 13:30 - 17:30

JDLO - Fabricant de boissons créatives