The beverage gasification process is carried out by addition of CO2. A natural process which must be controlled in order to respect the nature of the products produced.

Indeed, we do not gasify a pure fruit juice in the same way as a wine: the taking of the bubble does not take place in the same way, the consumer expectations may be different.

The bubble in all its states

The quality of the bubble often determines the success of the finished product. Depending on the intrinsic qualities of the product to be bottled, the carbonation parameters of the wines or juices will be adapted in order to obtain a pearling, sparkling or sparkling product.

The know-how of the company lies in this mastery of the gasification process. Thus, we take into account different characteristics of the product: the density of the liquid, its turbidity, its value in brix, we will determine for example the level of CO2 saturation of the product. The nature of the container will also be decisive to define precisely the settings of the saturator: type of corking, bottle formats, pasteurization or not.

Carbonated juice, sparkling wine, cider and much more

Our line makes it possible to create many beverages: carbonated fruit juices, sparkling wines, lemonades, sodas, beers, ciders. But consumers are not sensitive to the same sensations during the tasting depending on whether it is a sparkling wine, a flavored wine or a carbonated fruit juice. Thus concerning juices and sodas, the expectations of bubble finesse or persistence in the mouth may be less important than for a wine. Our job is to understand and integrate your level of demand and that of the consumer..

Gasification : Quality

All steps in the development of our products are subject to quality controls and controls: on every batch, and every 30 minutes if necessary.

On the gasification stage, the measurements concern, for example, the level of pressure which will determine the perception of the sparkling wine in the mouth.

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