JDLO innovative
drinks manufacturer

Arborists, winemakers, brewers, dealers or inventors of beverages, JDLO manages the bottling of the products resulting from your know-how and brings your ideas to life.

On our efficient production site, the JDLO team masters a complete process: from pressing fruit to packaging, including pasteurization, and gasification ...

JDLO is at your service and offers tailor-made solutions.

A diversified offer

  • 4 packaging
  • 40 bottle sizes
  • 5 corking types
  • All types of drinks:

Still fruit juice
Fruit nectar
Sparkling fruit juice without alcohol
Sparkling wine
Flavored wine
Cider and beer
Lemonades, sodas

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JDLO is committed to send quotations and advise as soon as possible

Tel +33(0)549 82 14 00

Monday to Friday  8:30 – 12:30 and 13:30 - 17:30

JDLO, several knowhow
in the production of beverages


To guarantee to your customer a 100% natural and high quality juice for best performance.


To create and adjust recipes, to prepare fruit juices and drinks, and to choose the right filtration.


To increase sales and the added value of your product by injecting fine bubbles.


To meet your market demand with a unique and specific beverage to your brand.


To guarantee the best taste and the stability of the product over time.


To be visible and outstanding with an aesthetic dressing and adapted to your customers


To manage the logistics, traceability and why not, offer "ready to sell" solutions


You bring all the guarantees of a product of which you will be proud.

JDLO,an expert at your disposal

  • A complete and high-quality service
  • The latest equipment and performant men
  • A privileged partnership near you
  • A tailor-made, flexible offer that takes account of your constraints
  • A controlled difference: gasification
  • A proven experience in fruit pressing and bottling
  • Certifications: IFS, Organic, Halal

A team at your disposalPressing, gasification ... expert testimonials on their profession

Guillaume bottles your drinks

“I taste, I program, I anticipate. Thanks to the efficient bottling line, I can manage up to 50,000 bottles a day, and my mission is to make your recipe a unique drink thanks to a precise and adapted setting. "

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JDLO - Fabricant de boissons créatives